500 Years of Women's Corsets, Stays, and Bras | A Dress Historian Explains Bustlines & Necklines

500 Years of Women's Corsets, Stays, and Bras | A Dress Historian Explains Bustlines & Necklines

Yeah..I decided that making a video about the history of women’s bustlines and necklines needed to be done…and wow was there a lot to unpack.

We’ve all seen 100 years of women’s dresses/shoes/hairstyles/etc. etc. etc. but the evolution of fashion isn’t that simple. As this video will show you, ideals in female body proportions, shapes, and positions change constantly. It’s not just about big sleeves, bustle, or a hoop skirt. The upper body changes as well, from up at ’em to low and wide, it’s all over the place.

So, in this video, we’re going to explore the 500-year history of women’s dress through the necklines and the bustlines. Beginning at the Tudor period, through the Elizabethan, the 1630s, Louis XIV and the Restoration, all of the 18th-century, Regency era, and every damn decade of the Victorian era (cause wow, is there a lot there.🤯) We’ll also discuss how bodies, stays, and corsets changed and affected the female body shape via padding, wadding, compression, lift, and support, so if you enjoyed the Corsets vs. Stays video, then you’ll also really enjoy this video.

🤩 Resources & Images Used Can be found here: http://bit.ly/500YearsRefs (there’s too much to fit in the description…

00:00 Intro
02:16 1500s
05:05 1600s
10:24 1700s
17:47 1800s
25:27 1900s
28:39 Bloopers

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    I am a lactation consultant and I have a video titled, "Cup Feeding a Breastfed Baby." There are no "naked" breasts in the video, there isn’t even any cleavage (that I am aware of.) It is just me and the baby of one of my clients (and two of my daughters, off camera, helping with filming) showing how to cup feed a baby who can’t take a bottle. That’s it. I’m fully clothed holding a baby who is fed with a small cup. After racking up (ha ha) views quickly, I was suddenly told that my video needed to be deemed "for adults only" due to the *word* "breastfeeding." The views drained to a trickle and I was a bit too YouTube unaware to realize I should have just changed the title of the video.

    I was going to shoot and produce a number of breastfeeding related videos, but if they are all deemed "adult material" it seems a bit ridiculous. It’s feeding an infant, not sex!

    It makes no sense.

  47. Lydia Cole on May 12, 2021 at 5:45 pm

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  49. CassandraHouse on May 12, 2021 at 5:47 pm

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  50. Alexa Faie on May 12, 2021 at 5:47 pm

    I always wonder how I’d have managed in different eras of fashion. Like I can’t even wear bras which have the underwire come up between my boobs because they are just that close set on my chest. And I have great issues finding bras with enough projection – they’re all so wide in the cup as if I have breast tissue under my arms. Nope, its all on the front. And I find the bras which try to separate really uncomfortable like my skin is being torn.
    So I doubt that I’d have been comfortable with Regency era stays with such a wide busk trying to separate the boobs.
    I’d probably be ok with turn of the century era late 1890s to 1905 ish since my boobs are basically a monoboob. But not quite so low simply because they happen to be attached quite high (I have issues with bras being too "tall" too because they expect the torso to be longer, or if petite in torso length to have smaller boobs).

    I know my boobs don’t really suit now, so I’d love to really figure out which era they’d be happiest in.

    I do enjoy the chest pillows for impromptu naps. Don’t need to be wearing a bra for that, I also have quite a short neck. A tiny head too. ROFL.