6 Winter Essentials for Babies to Keep them Warm & Safe

6 Winter Essentials for Babies to Keep them Warm & Safe

Winter is nearly here, and we know you’re most certainly looking forward to snuggling with your baby during the colder months of the year. With the right baby essentials for winter, you’ll have less to worry about and can maximise all that snuggle time! Are you worried about how to keep your baby warm in winter? Watch this video to know what the winter essentials for babies are.

When it comes to babies, it gets a bit more challenging to plan for winter, since they’re more vulnerable to even a tiny change in the weather. So it will help for you to stay prepared with some basic baby must-haves for winter, while you eliminate the need to run out to the store every time you require something. We hope the baby products for winter shown in this video help your little one stay comfortable this cold season, especially during the nights. Have a happy winter!

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Sweaters – https://www.firstcry.com/sweaters/0-3%20Months/3-6%20Months/6-9%20Months/9-12%20Months/12-18%20Months?cid=6&scid=219&age=0,1,2,3,4

Full Sleeve Rompers- https://www.firstcry.com/Onesies-and-Rompers/6/164?age=0,1,2,3,4,5?ref2=YT_shopping_dlink

Winter Cap – https://www.firstcry.com/Caps,-Gloves-and-Mittens/6/22?age=0,1,2,3,4,5?ref2=YT_shopping_dlink

Mittens and Booties – https://www.firstcry.com/caps,-gloves-and-mittens/mittens-and-booties?cid=6&scid=22&type=t1-1500?ref2=YT_shopping_dlink

Diapers – https://www.firstcry.com/babyhug/baby-diapers/1/27/621?ref2=YT_shopping_dlink

Blanket – https://www.firstcry.com/blankets,-wrappers-and-sleeping-bags/8/107?ref2=YT_shopping_dlink

Moisturiser- https://www.firstcry.com/baby-creams-and-ointments/3/13?ref2=YT_shopping_dlink

Humidifier – https://www.firstcry.com/medical-care/humidifiers-de-humidifiers?cid=4&scid=74&type=t1-7588?ref2=YT_shopping_dlink


00:00 Introduction
00:30 Winter Wear
01:22 Diapers
01:52 Blanket
02:10 Moisturiser
02:30 Humidifier
02:52 Medicines
03:10 Takeaway

For More Information: https://parenting.firstcry.com/articles/we-went-ahead-and-created-a-list-of-baby-essentials-youll-need-this-winter-youre-welcome-sc/

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