Baby Favorites | Mimi Ikonn

Baby Favorites | Mimi Ikonn

Baby Faves

Bringing up Bebe – Sign up to Audible for your free audiobook –

The Wonder Weeks

Orgasmic Birth – Sign up to Audible for your free audiobook –

Baby Whisperer

Good Sleeper

BabyZen Yoyo Stroller

Bed Brand –

Solly Baby Wrap-

Baby Bloom Chair –

Puj Tub –

Naty Diapers –

Water Wipes –

Earth Mama Angel baby bottom balm

Dr.Bronner Baby Bash

Sterimar Nasal Spray Baby

Nose Frida:

Little Martin’s Drawer Nasal –

Micu Micu

Masha’s Instagram –

Arrow and Muse

Knitted Baby Clothes :

Kait and Kids Hair Bow

Sleeping Bag :

Heart Jumpsuit :
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  1. •Victoria• on April 28, 2022 at 6:50 pm

    Mimi please don’t leave Luxy Hair
    🙁 it’s not fun without you

  2. zz22 on April 28, 2022 at 6:51 pm

    Latvia!!! I am from Latvia and it is great to hear good reference!

  3. Екатерина Гарина on April 28, 2022 at 6:51 pm


  4. LACHARDON on April 28, 2022 at 6:51 pm

    you’re amazing for sharing your filming set up!!! Not many people tell you everything but you did and that’s sooooo kind of you! 😍😍😍 thank you!!

  5. Ken Leung on April 28, 2022 at 6:53 pm

    And your everyday hairstyle now

  6. Horiya Elbaz on April 28, 2022 at 6:56 pm

    Hi Mimi 🙂
    First of all, I just wanted to say that I looove your videos, your philosophy about life, nature, our body, and your way of life. I truly find your videos are deep and useful !
    Congratulations to you both on Alexa, she’s lovely and I think she looks just like you !
    I did quite a lot of research myself on nappies as well for my sweetheart (16 months) and first thought the brand Naty stood out from the crowd. But then a French magazine came out (yes, I’m French ^^) and revealed that they apparently found some Volatile Organic Compounds in them…
    But they also say the brand that would be the "purest" of all is Love and Green, but I don’t know if you can find them in the UK. I just ordered a packet on the internet (because I can’t find them in shops here) 😉
    The magazine is a serious and reputed one in France called "60 millions de consommateurs", if you want to check out yourself 😉
    Just wanted to let you know ! 🙂
    Wish you all the best !
    Plein de bisous !

  7. Freedom on April 28, 2022 at 6:58 pm

    I’m so glad that you have a schedule. That’s quite helpful for a mother! Good for you!

  8. dizzybrandon on April 28, 2022 at 7:00 pm
  9. M D on April 28, 2022 at 7:00 pm

    Thank you for sharing Mimi xx

  10. zz22 on April 28, 2022 at 7:02 pm

    Where did you find out how to wrap baby for 0-3months?

  11. shruti Engineer on April 28, 2022 at 7:03 pm

    Do not order from #kaitandkids , that woman has no manners !! And horrible customer service ! She threatens people too!

  12. Ashley Witt on April 28, 2022 at 7:07 pm

    The shnuggle is amazing I love it for my daughter

  13. B. H. on April 28, 2022 at 7:08 pm

    Mimi, Alex and Alexa, tears of joy every time I see your videos.

  14. Mariam Arshad on April 28, 2022 at 7:10 pm

    Answer to the bath solution for age 1 and up. Purchase an anti slip bathmat since they’re able to sit well and begin to stand at that age.

  15. shazia paras on April 28, 2022 at 7:11 pm

    Hi Mimi, I am in serious need of your suggestion . I have a baby boy almost of 2 months . Still I am unable to adjust myself with his routine . Please suggest me how do I get back to normal life . When to cook , how to give time to myself and many more ? Please help .

  16. SARAH Lodien on April 28, 2022 at 7:12 pm

    Love love love this video. So informative. Thank you mimi for sharing 🙂

  17. goska zieba on April 28, 2022 at 7:12 pm

    please, do not recomend tracy hogg! she torture trains kids like in a zoo! and the cry it out method causes anxiety, depression ansd many more problems. never do that, people! baby just loses hope

  18. Nat M on April 28, 2022 at 7:15 pm

    Can you please put up a video on what you pack when you travel with Alexia and tips for traveling with a baby

  19. Amara Lodhi on April 28, 2022 at 7:15 pm

    Can you do an update please? I know the stroller has changed and such so an update would be nice

  20. MsHECHIZERA on April 28, 2022 at 7:15 pm

    please make videos on how you do your baby food since i have a baby which is 2 weeks older than yours…thank you

  21. M D on April 28, 2022 at 7:15 pm

    I use the Naty diapers as well as the Bamboo diapers they are both biodegradable from beaming baby

  22. M Corbs on April 28, 2022 at 7:16 pm

    nose frida!!! it’s the best

  23. Luke Reid on April 28, 2022 at 7:20 pm

    Mimi Ikonn, I’m Luke, how old is Alexa

  24. Kyakyanom on April 28, 2022 at 7:21 pm

    Omg my name is aLexA YASWSSSSSSS

  25. Noémie Montalbano-Paradis on April 28, 2022 at 7:22 pm

    For minimal bathtubs you can check the Stokke one, it is foldable 🙂

  26. Leanne B on April 28, 2022 at 7:23 pm

    i like your top. Can you share where it is from?

  27. M Corbs on April 28, 2022 at 7:24 pm

    it’s good for the daddy’s to wear their baby’s too!!: )

  28. Heethy Maan on April 28, 2022 at 7:26 pm

    We’re due in October and I found this video very helpful! Could you please tell us if u still feel like if u lived in Canada if you would find this stroller helpful? I’m considering the bugaboo.

    Also which breast pumps did u end up using?

    Thanks so much in advance! Lots of love xo

  29. diverstalent on April 28, 2022 at 7:27 pm

    Hi Mimi! In another video (I cannot find it), you mentioned a book about how to talk to your baby. Ie: if you don’t want your baby to touch something, you should use "I" instead of "we"; what is the title of the book?

  30. Ana Ninkovic on April 28, 2022 at 7:28 pm

    Mimi, I love, love your you tube channel! I recommend you to try Weleda organic baby line with Calendula officinalis. Its german cosmetics.

  31. Cecile Vigé on April 28, 2022 at 7:29 pm

    Thank you for the link Mimi, this is great 🙂

  32. Sarah Heap on April 28, 2022 at 7:29 pm

    Thank you so much for these favourites Mimi! so helpful!! xxx

  33. Sweet Dreams on April 28, 2022 at 7:31 pm

    Пожалуйста сделайте 1 видео на русском очень интересно откуда вы знаете русский язык ??
    Прошу пожалуйста

  34. BerrysPrime on April 28, 2022 at 7:31 pm

    Mimi, I love you! You share lots of helpful things for Mommys!!!

  35. Lizbeth Kanyat de Novaes on April 28, 2022 at 7:33 pm

    Mimi, I love that you are minimalist! I was wondering, does Alexa have any toys currently? What do you give to her to keep her entertain? Loves from Brazil!

  36. LunaMoonLunaMoon on April 28, 2022 at 7:33 pm

    Do you vaccinate?

  37. Iris Jimenez on April 28, 2022 at 7:33 pm

    Hi Mimi ! Love your videos. Was wondering what you use to edit the videos

  38. Danelifestyle_ on April 28, 2022 at 7:34 pm

    Bambo diapers are really good. Can you do an updated baby favorites for the things she uses now.

  39. ABC on April 28, 2022 at 7:35 pm

    Wasn’t there a video about a overpriced umbrella that was sponsored? Just asking.

  40. mm on April 28, 2022 at 7:38 pm

    Okay, a couple of things;

    1- you are NOT a minimalist
    2- this video may not be sponsored, but you’ve provided AFFILIATE LINKS, meaning you’ll make monetary gain whenever someone uses them.
    3- your number one advice to your viewers should be to responsibly follow the medical professionals’ instructions always.

  41. Mariam Arshad on April 28, 2022 at 7:38 pm

    Question for you about the Dr Bronners soap. currently I’m using the peppermint one and in order to properly wash it out of your hair, you need to use vinegar. Do you find it to wash out well or weigh down Alexa’s hair?

  42. Hana Sýkorová on April 28, 2022 at 7:39 pm

    Thank you for the Bringing up Bebe book. I wouldn’t let my child cry it out, but it inspired me to try different methods of putting my little one (4 months) to sleep than breastfeeding her to sleep. We succeeded the first night. Now she wakes only twice a night instead of every two hours 🙂 Also because of this one I started to trust another book I was reading "Secrets of the Baby Whisperer: How to Calm, Connect and Communicate with your Baby" from Tracy Hogg and Melinda Blau and both books together caused this huge change. So thank you for that!

  43. Bea C on April 28, 2022 at 7:40 pm

    Mimi as a mom of an almost 16 month little girl I found this video extremely judgemental, as moms we should all stick together be positive encourage each other because in the end we all strive for the same thing that we have healthy caring respectful children that grow into kind adults. This video just feels like you are basically judging parents for what we use because its not organic or bad for the environment. while I am extremely fortune that sometimes I can afford a more expensive baby product some days I dont, some people cant afford all these expensive products. You really should just be encouraging all moms on whatever it is that they decide to use or wear on an everyday basis for their babies. We are all trying and doing our best, in the end we love our babies cold heartedly and it doesn’t matter really what we are using as long as our babies are healthy and growing beautifully. Also think of parents in a third world country, I was a child that lived in a war zone area, my parents would have loved to use a better baby product for us but financially it just wasnt feasible.
    Just my 2 cents and maybe soemthing you should think about .

  44. Kelley Reardon on April 28, 2022 at 7:42 pm

    Love these recommendations 💕hope baby Alexa is well

  45. V O on April 28, 2022 at 7:42 pm

    what it is the reason for not having stroller? I have never understood? what do you do with your baby when you go out then? if you go to the supermarket, if you have to do errands..where you put the baby?

  46. Sara Damyar on April 28, 2022 at 7:43 pm

    Mimi can you please make a update video of baby stuff, this video helped me a lot

  47. Angeleyes319 on April 28, 2022 at 7:43 pm

    I’ve been watching your channel since I was 17 and now I’m 22 I’ve always looked up to you 💖 currently 15 weeks pregnant and I love this video!

  48. Tanja Klose on April 28, 2022 at 7:44 pm

    hey mimi 😊 love all your baby favorites 🤗 even as a mom of 7😍❤ soon theres a lot of stuff i didn’t know and a lot of new inspiration -thank you for that 😘 For the future bath time for alexa-do you know the tummy tub 🙂 we took the naty baby for our 2 years old toddler too 😊 do you heard about the new brand on intagram that called "lillydoo"? lots of greets from germany 💕

  49. Mlz_. on April 28, 2022 at 7:44 pm

    Nearly at 1k omg !!! Ily sm 😭😭😭❤️❤️😍😍😘😘😘💕💕💕🖤🖤🖤🖤

  50. Diana Calderon on April 28, 2022 at 7:45 pm

    Awsome video Mimi! You always give us the best advice and products, really appreciate it, always grateful for your videos

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