Caring For Your Newborn

Caring For Your Newborn

Bonny Whalen, MD, Medical Director of the Newborn Nursery at Dartmouth-Hitchcock shares information about caring for your newborn. Topics include your baby’s first few hours, security in the Birthing Pavilion at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, early tests and procedures, feeding your baby, sleep patterns, visitors, the Period of Purple Crying, further tests and treatments for your baby, as well as various activities that will take place before you take your baby home. Learn more about the Birthing Pavilion at


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    I fell asleep holding my baby either the day of my babies birth or during the early hours of the next day or possibly the very late evening of my babies birth, l was so drugged up yet only had gas and air to deliver and my baby was born with 1 1/2 hours of my admission to hospital. My baby was tiny weighing just 6lbs 2oz, l woke and saw my babies empty crib next to my hospital bed and panic set in, l had an awful overwhelming feeling my baby had dropped to the floor and died or suffocated in the bottom of the bed under the blankets or in the bed somewhere suffocated under the blankets I screamed out loud as fear hit me and as I couldn’t move much to look over the edge of the bed I threw back my blankets and there under them was my baby who I thought was dead. My baby was just above my kneecap and thankfully my guard rails were up and my baby was facing outwards so air was flowing in slightly. Had there been no gaurd rail up my baby would have fallen to the floor and certainly died. Whoever put my gaurd rails up that had been down failed big time in checking me and checking my babies crib. They heard my piercing scream of terror but were slow to react as by the time they shifted themselves to take action I had my baby safely back in my arms and thankfully my baby was alive and ok. Huge huge failure in that hospital of care of both mother and baby. They knew I was extremely out of it, they had put my baby in my arms for a feed and disappeared off, I was so out of it I can only assume that’s what they did as I was to unsteady and out of it drifting in and out of awareness to leave the bed to lift my baby from the crib and the memory is vague of my baby being placed on me in my arms when I wasn’t with it at all. That child my only child and they should have ensure me fully alert enough to have my baby on me in my arms unsupervised in the state l was in. Memory is vague of them tucking my baby into blanket with me in that bed but my conciousness so fleeting I wasn’t aware. My baby may only have been under those blankets less than a minute or ten minutes but either way that was minutes to long and pure negligence of them. I left that hospital next day fearful for my babies safety and mine after the diabolical way I had also had to give birth on a slippy bed that me being small I kept slipping down so couldn’t get a proper grip anywhere to push as l needed to. I needed propping up with something filling the gap between my feet and the bottom of the bed to keep me from constantly slipping down and them having to slide me back up the bed again. They had no foot blocks, leg holders or those horse riding type foot griddles/calipers that mothers can use to lift their feet of bed to give grip to use to push. My body frame tiny and my weight pregnant just a little over 8 stone. I usually weigh 6 1/2 stone. I was in excruciating agony in my leg not long after giving birth and moaning from it becoming feverish, they left me alone in the room where I passed a massive blood clot and just as that was happening my dad was allowed to walk into the room whilst under the covers I was covered in blood and a massive blood clot was sliding out of me. No midwives or nurses in sight they had vanished off to get paracetamol not understanding I was in severe excruciating agony and needed immediate prompt attention and that l was petrified I was about to die. Didn’t want my Dad to see what was going on, I had to ask him to leave the room before he even got chance to reach my bed, he didn’t understand and hesitated, but did leave. Didn’t want him traumatised. I could feel I was going to pass out and even possibly die. My dad may have taken it upon himself to enter the birthing room whilst the midwifes had vanished to get me pathetic paracetamol. Upon their return they very quickly realised the issue was more urgent but told me to stop moaning in my excruciating agony very coldly. I of course couldn’t and the doctor was called, they injected me with something and the last I remember was the nurses telling me to stay calm and trying to stop the blood. I must have lost conciousness or they gave another injection to make me unconscious on top of whatever they had injected me with to stop the bleeding. I remember a lot of activity around me before l passed out or they injected me into unconsciousness because they the next thing I remember was being awake with my baby in crib besides me and my parents coming into the room or already in the room. All that before my bed under covers in my bed on the ward. I did before passing out or injected into unconsciousness see all the blood, the blood clot and the afterbirth which also arrived. Had anything happened to my baby on that unsupervised ward under my covers after all the trauma I’d been through in my very fast delivery of my baby god help them, I would have killed them and sued the crap out of them for patient negligence and undue care/lack of infant monitoring safety and supervision of baby and very out of it mother. I seriously would have have killed that day. The next day a nurse or midwife came to look at me and my baby and was touching my baby to do something I don’t recall and she had been smoking. I could smell it on her fingers and breath disgustingly touching my pure baby. She stank and should not have been anywhere near my baby or me. I left the hospital that day, they wanted to keep me in. I was to scared and disgusted to stay there any longer. They forced me to have a bath with my baby before I could leave and again left me unsupervised to get into water still out of it to wash my baby in the bath with me. I washed my baby quickly feeling fearful of passing out with my baby in the water. They then complained at me as there was still some vernix on my babies head and a little blood. I had delibrately left that as wanted my baby as nature intended until my baby was completely settled from being born just the day before. It wasn’t top and tail bowl wash time or full bath time. It was our time to just bond and be together, nothing more. Very traumatic, I still flash back to that birthing room and later on ward the petrified scream of finding my baby missing and under the blankets in my bed so close to falling out and no nurses around. I was also on a ward by myself completely alone. The day I went home I stayed with my parents. That evening after getting home to parents I collapsed out alone in the garden in the dark after going out to get some air. Day after I had an out of the blue severe asthma attack and nothing to treat it as l wasn’t asthmatic prior to that. Chemist’s were closed it was new year time and my mum had to drive miles to another town to get to a chemist’s that was about to close in next 25 minutes to get me an inhaler, steroids and antibiotics. I would have stayed in hospital had they been providing due care and attention to us both, but knew l had to leave ASAP no matter what.

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