Corporate Dress For Women In Business

Corporate Dress For Women In Business

This video is a guide to Corporate dress for women already working in the fast paced world of business. It’s also a Guide to Professional Dress for an Interview as well.
Find out how to best dress for your entry-level, corporate, or creative job or that really important interview.

Be true to your personal style, know your body shape and style with colour and accessories. Don’t be afraid to opt for a blouse instead of a shirt or a dress/skirt suit instead of a pant suit for a more softer look. Always wear a heel and hosiery, add a silk scarf or a gorgeous brooch.

Choose modern fabrics with classic cuts that compliment your shape. Take note of unique or asymmetrical necklines and stitching. Select creative statement accessories in line with ‘wearable art’. Don’t be shy of colour and use it to create maximum impact for example colour blocking i.e a vibrant jacket with a neutral bottom. If you wear glasses go for dramatic frames.

When selecting suits stay away from pattern that stands out too much i.e. wide pin stripes or checks or anything that will date.
Instead go for navy, black, charcoal, chocolate, grey or taupe.

Ensure you also have a suit to suit the season, so have a few options for summer (lighter fabrics) and winter (heavier fabrics).

Lengths of jackets are really important, always ensure it stops at the most flattering part of your body and minimises any imperfections.
Always go for a well tailored suit jacket, it should not be too tight nor too boxy and baggy.

If you are a curvy lady A-line, pleated or tulip style skirts and wide leg pants are your most flattering option.

If you have a straight up and down figure pencil skirts and straight leg pants are your best bottoms.

Ensure skirt lengths are flattering to your shape and are neither too short nor too long, if you are petite height you can wear a slightly shorter length.

Dresses are so great! You don’t have to think about what goes with what, the hard work is done for you so don’t be afraid to have a few dress options. My favourite dresses are the:
Pinafore: ideal for curvy figures
The wrap dress: ideal for any body shape
The shirt dress and belted dress: perfect for straight up and down body types, Smock neck dress: perfect for big busts
Structured and rouched dress: great for round body shapes.

Accessories reflect your personal style like nothing else in your wardrobe, so take the time to select these items very carefully and enjoy the creative process. If you decide to go for a statement necklace then balance it with a less statement earring and vice versa. Your accessories should look put together and be strategecly placed to draw the eye to your most flattering feature.

Blouses and shirts should reflect your most complimentary neckline styles. If you have a small bust you can go for a more higher neckline, oriental, round, cowl or and v-neck styles are all fine.

If you have a fuller top section opt for a medium v-neck, cowl neck or scoop neck, not too low and not too high as it will emphasise your bust more.

Select colour that compliments your skin tone, eyes and hair. If you have more golden skin you can wear warmer hues such as chocolate, orange & cream.

If you have dark features you look great in strong contrasting colours such as black, white and red.

For those that have a fair complexion opt for mid tones of navy, grey and lavender.
Avoid wearing bold patterns as it can take over your look and always wear a contrasting colour to the backdrop.

You should always dress in how you feel, be honest with yourself and take a look at your body and ask yourself is this me?

The only difference in your wardrobe as you age is the lengths of your skirts/dresses need to be a little bit longer, the necklines a little higher, perhaps a little sleeve rather than sleeveless and your heels a little lower.

Also, take care in selecting your undergarments and fabrics go for quality rather than quantity.
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  1. betty4gators on March 20, 2022 at 5:36 pm

    just found this and was so happy to hear the recommendation of hose. the trend of bare legs is a huge thumbs down to me. the right shade of hose helps even the best legs. i disagree with the comment that pencil skirts are just for the straight figure. the pencil skirt looks good on all figures. if it is the right length and size. great outfit on the host.

  2. Belinda Rankin on March 20, 2022 at 5:40 pm

    Thank you for the advice.

  3. Armani Santiag on March 20, 2022 at 5:44 pm

    Nice Outfits & Advice!! Would you know here can I find female dress shirts? (in Jacksonville)

  4. Andreea Pana on March 20, 2022 at 5:56 pm

    Great 😀 a lot of info in 5 min. Really helped.