DIY TUBE ACCESSIBLE CLOTHING: Only takes a few minutes!

DIY TUBE ACCESSIBLE CLOTHING: Only takes a few minutes!

Do you have a baby who’s tube fed & unsure how to make their clothing adaptive? Whether they have a Gastronomy (G Tube), Jejunostomy (J Tube) or Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG), this DIY video will show you how to quickly and easily turn their footie pajamas and onesies into adaptive clothing to provides direct access to their tube without undressing.


○Nasogastric to gastronomy tube: Why we made the switch

○Easy DIY Feeding Tube Backpack: Perfect for kiddos on the move!

○Eleanor’s Morning Routine: Tube feeding & lots of PT…


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Eleanor was born full term with no health concerns up until she hit 7 months old. Around that time, she was not rolling, tolerating tummy time, sitting or able to put weight on her arms and legs. I expressed my concerns with her pediatrician shortly after and that is when the snowball effect started and her special needs came to light.

Since then, we have been working with a team of specialists to figure out the root of what is causing Eleanor’s delays. She gets 100% of her nutrition via G Tube, isn’t able to crawl, pull to stand or walk- but with the help of her physical and occupational therapists- we KNOW she will get there one day!


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    Where do you purchase patches?

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    How well do they hold after several washes?

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    Do you think this would work with shapes patches?