How To Accessorise Outfits with Jewelery | The 5th Watches | + OUTFIT LOOKBOOK

How To Accessorise Outfits with Jewelery | The 5th Watches | + OUTFIT LOOKBOOK

✨ In my opinion, If you want to look chic, expensive and put together, then you’ve got to accessorise! ✨

The 5th Watches

Today’s video format will be me sharing with you my 3 top tips for accessorising with watches and jewellery followed by an outfit lookbook!

If you want to learn how to dress better with accessories then this video is for you! Keep in mind, everything I share in this video reflects my own personal style. These are my own rules that I stick to when it comes to accessorising outfits. I am hoping they will help you develop your own personal set of rules and in turn, help you learn how to accessorise an outfit.

Specific accessories that I talk about in this video include watches and jewellery. I’ll be styling using The 5th watches and a collection of different jewellery brands.

The outfit lookbook at the end of the video includes a few of my favourite spring summer outfits. I show each outfit with and without watches and accessories, to show you how accessorising can add so much value to an ordinary outfit. Making plain outfits look more expensive is really easy to do with watches and jewellery. If you want to learn how to look more expensive and how to look stylish, then keep watching this video!

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I hope you find great value from this video and learn how to accessorise outfits with watches and jewellery!

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⭐ Top Tips Summarised ⭐

Tip No. 1: Upscale a basic outfit by wearing a quality watch.
Tip No. 2: Keep it simple
Tip No. 3: Match your hardware.

πŸ‘‰ Disclaimer: This video is partly sponsored by The 5th. It’s awesome when companies I believe in offer opportunities to work with them, so thank you!

– W A T C H L I N K S –

The 5th 007
The 5th Argyle

– O U T F I T L I N K S –

Outfit 1:
The 5th Watch
White Shorts (alternative)
Knitted Top
Espadrille Shoes
Earrings (alternative)
Sunglasses (rose gold)

Outfit 2:
The 5th Watch
Black Pants
Black Cardigan (mine was vintage – alternative)
Minimal Necklace (alternative)
Knot Earrings
White Trainers (alternative)

Outfit 3:
The 5th Watch
Layered Necklace
Sunglasses (rose gold)
Earrings (alternative)
Knot Bracelet (alternative)
Neutral Cardigan
White Jeans (alternative – same brand)

Outfit 4:
The 5th Watch
Pink Dress (same shape, different print)
White Kitten Heels (alternative)

Outfit 5:
The 5th Watch
Hair Clip (alternative – same brand)
Knot Earrings
Black Top
Leather Pants (alternatives) LEATHER – FAUX
Black High Heels (alternative)

Outfit 6:
The 5th Watch
Pink Denim Jacket (alternative)
White Shorts (alternative)
White Tshirt
Pink Earrings

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