Kids 60s and 70s Costumes

Kids 60s and 70s Costumes

Kids 60s and 70s Section

Take a time travel and go back to the funkiest era of all time. Relive and visit the era where disco balls, bell bottoms and the hippie generation all started. When you think about the 70s, you will most likely remember Kung Fu Movies, tie dye fashion, big bushy afro hairstyles, Star Wars and disco loco.

The 70s is known for their colorful outfits. Floral and Neon prints are among the favorite fads of this decade. Bell Bottom Pants are very popular among men and women. Tie dye fashion are suitable for hippies wearing matching oversized peace sign pendant and colorful rimmed glasses. Get your kids to groove in a retro costume. Elvis Presley is a famous icon of the 60s who is most likely impersonated all the time. Try out our Elvis Presley Costumes for boys and girls. Kids will definitely look adorable in a Hippie and sequined disco outfit. Match your outfits with colorful knee high boots and a 70s themed accessories.


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