Learn English – Clothing for him and Her – Vocabulary, Words and Phrases

Learn English – Clothing for him and Her – Vocabulary, Words and Phrases

So, what kind of clothes do you have? What do you wear?
Let’s look at different kinds of clothing and learn new words!
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1. Clothing
a. Blazer
b. Chinos
c. coats
d. Hoodies
e. Jackets
f. Jeans
g. Joggers
h. Jumpers
i. Polos
j. Shorts
k. Suits
l. Sweatshirts
m. Trousers
n. T-shirts

2. Footwear
a. Boots
b. Casual shoes
c. Chelsea boots
d. Flipflops
e. Formal shoes
f. Loafer
g. Pumps
h. Sandals
i. Sliders
j. Slippers
k. Trainers

3. Accessories
a. Belts
b. braces/suspenders
c. Cufflinks
d. gloves
e. hats
f. Pocket squares
g. Scarves
h. Tie clips
i. Ties
j. Wallets
k. Watches

1. Clothing
a. Blouses
b. Dresses
c. Dresses
d. Leggings
e. Lingerie
f. Loungewear
g. Nightwear
h. Skirts

2. Footwear
a. Heels
b. Platform shoes
c. Stilettos
d. Tights
e. Wedges

3. Accessories
a. Cosmetic bag
b. Jewellery
c. Perfume
d. Purses
e. Scarf

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