New UV protective clothing at

New UV protective clothing at

MySafeSkin is the starting point for all your fashionable UV protective clothing. MySafeSkin are specialized in fashionable UV protective swimwear, sportswear and leisure wear, high quality for baby, children and adults. Our solar control and UV-resistant clothing stops at least 97.5% of all UV rays so your skin will not burn in the sun. The clothing meets the requirements of the international authorities as Arpansa and ASTM ensuring you a high quality. Wearing UV protective beachwear, shirts and shorts significantly reduces the risk of skin cancer!

The UV-protective clothing from 4BB2 is extraordinary, with designs from loved to extravagant and colors from controlled to adventurous. UV protective clothing protects the delicate skin of children from the harmful side of the sun, the UV radiation. By wearing this garment the risk of skin cancer is considerably reduced.

MySafeSkin ( has a large offer of very high quality and attractive priced uv garment.

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