Photography Trends

Photography Trends

Create without limits:

Intro (0:00)

Vivid Colors (0:31)
CyberPunk Photoshop Action by UnicDesign

Bright Colors Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets by creativetacos

Minimalism (2:25)


MINIMAL – LUTs Pack | Color Grading by allanthedp

Surrealism (3:38)
Floating Objects

Smoke Animation Photoshop Action by sreda

Authenticity (5:03)
Candid Photography

Vertical Images (6:17)
Vertical Photos

Different Perspectives (6:52)
Aerial Photography

Macro Photography

360 degree view of palm tree by byrdya

Retro (8:23)
Retrograde Photoshop Action pack by twinbrush

★ Retro Design Trends

Support for Social Movements (9:37)

Female Empowerment


Diverse People


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