Preemie Clothes – Micro Preemie Clothes

Preemie Clothes – Micro Preemie Clothes

Preemie or Micro Preemie Clothes

Does your precious little one need Preemie or Micro Preemie Clothes? Yes, preemies need clothes, too… not garments that are just a smaller size version of conventional newborn clothing, but clothes specially designed for the unique dimensions of a premature baby. Whether you need to clothe a 2 lb. micro preemie in a NICU incubator or to dress your precious preemie to take home, we have clothes specifically made for each step of the preemie journey. For the NICU preemie, our NICU-friendly wrap garments easily accommodate a baby connected to tubes and wires. They let you dress and undress your preemie without the need to pull the garment over the head or thread a tiny hand through a sleeve. In addition, our NICU Wrap Gowns and NICU Wrap Shirts provide the coverage and comfort of traditional baby clothes, plus they’re fashioned from super-soft 100% cotton fabrics. Whether you need preemie or micro preemie clothes, we offer a large selection of value-priced tops, bottoms, sleepwear, dresses and accessories. Preemie Clothes Mart strives to make buying preemie clothes as easy and as inexpensive as possible. To see our beautiful selection of preemie and micro preemie clothes, please visit!


  1. Its Time! on September 6, 2021 at 11:07 pm

    Mann my daughter is preemie and these are expensive Im disappointed O_O

  2. VideoShopping Network on September 6, 2021 at 11:18 pm

    Very nice working with you.😀