Top 5 Formal Clothing For Men | Office Dressing for Men | BeerBiceps Men's Fashion

Top 5 Formal Clothing For Men | Office Dressing for Men | BeerBiceps Men's Fashion

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What’s good you guys? Welcome to my channel! Today’s video is one of the most highly requested videos of all times. All about formal dressing or office dressing for Indian men. What kind of clothes can you wear to the office, and standout as the best dressed guy in the room. This video is all about formal clothing – An office dress code for men. Dress to the office with style and substance with the help of this very video. Formal clothes for men is a complicated subject with a. lot of rules that you need to follow. Bade bhaiyya has you all covered! These are my top 5 office dressing or formal clothing tips and tricks for you all! Men’s fashion and men’s clothing tips especially from a formal clothing perspectives. Everything from formal clothes color combinations to which colors to select for your office shirt to the colors of your trousers to the kind of formal shoes that you’re allowed to wear to even the type of formal watches allowed in an office environment! Got you covered, brothers!

1. Peter England Blue Formal Shirt:
2. Arrow White Formal Shirt:
3. Arrow New York NavyBlue Formal Shirt:
4. Raymond Pink & White Formal Shirt:
5. Arrow Black Formal Shirt:
6. Arrow New York Brown Shirt:
7. Arrow Grey Formal Shirt:

1. Arrow Black Formal Trousers:
2. Arrow Navy Blue Formal Trousers:
3. Arrow Charcoal Grey Formal Trousers:
4. Van Heusen Brown Formal Trousers:

1. Fossil Men Navy Chronograph Watch :
2. Daniel Wellington Men Black & Brown Analogue Watch :
3. Fossil Men Black Dial Watch :
4. Daniel Wellington Men Black & Black Analogue Watch :
5. Fossil Unisex Gunmetal-Toned Analogue Hybrid Watch:
6. Daniel Wellington Men Black Analogue Watch :


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    I am a primary school teacher. And I have to follow school dress code which is :- cream colour shirt and black trouser with maroon tie .. so, which coloured shoe, belt, and wrist watch I use to look elegant ?? Or any other suggestions ??

    Love from Jharkhand ❤️🙏.

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