What Men REALLY Wore in the 1940s

What Men REALLY Wore in the 1940s

Movies and TV shows may depict characters in 1940s fashions, but are they period accurate? Let’s examine true 1940s style! https://gentl.mn/what-men-wore-1940s

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→ Script: Aaron White & Teresa C. Schneider
→ Camera: Chris Dummer
→ Editing: Jonathan Oster
→ Paramount Pictures
→ Antique Menswear by Aaron White

→ National WWII Museum

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00:00 1940s Menswear Introduction

In the first half of the 1940s WW2 was raging and even after the war ended in 1945 the effects of such a mighty and tragic world event were still being felt.

In decades past high fashion had always been for the wealthy, for the aristocrats. They were looked up to, people aspired to be them. But not anymore. With warfare bringing the classes together on the battlefield the culture had shifted and the status of the aristocrat was dying.

And as one might expect in the war period, one’s clothing also spoke volumes about one’s patriotism! Therefore in much of this video we will be talking about how rationing and military styles affected and influenced men’s fashion in the 1940s.

01:54 Hats
03:04 Hairstyles and Facial Hair
03:55 Eyewear
05:39 Shirts
08:49 Neckwear
10:26 Waistcoats
11:22 Suits & Odd Jakcets
15:42 Trousers (& Zoot Suits)
18:22 Footwear
20:09 Accessories

You can see that a lot of what was worn in the 1940s could be recognized as far more modern than previous decades. The 1940s was an era hard hit with war, austerity, and rationing and this greatly affected what could be worn. Many people were mix-matching their clothes, others were wearing old clothes to save money,

The 1940s made wearing simple open, soft shirts and comfortable slacks mainstream. Of course, this is an incredibly interesting decade. And we would love to explore more of the obscure garments, interesting fads, and eccentricities of this era in future videos.

So if you’d like to see us cover more on Zoot Suits, workwear or the Cowboy fashions worn in the 1940s, or other historical fashion fads for that matter, please us know in the comments below!

22:21 Outfit Rundown


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